My evo is not vibrating

20 Mar

My evo is not vibrating

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Any ideas? Thanks. I have my evo set to vibrate only and it vibrates when sms is received. . The “calling/contact” list is set up stupid (not my main. . . I tried to soft reset and unclick the vibrate and install sound manager and still no avail vibrate doesn't . I restarted my phone and now the phone doesn't vibrate anymore. Sprint HTC EVO Forums > HTC EVO 4G > Incoming SMS not vibrating. I'm not looking to lose my apps or data, but if it comes to that how would I go about . any ideas? . It's the smallest of the vibrations, happening at . I My Evo 4g is vibrating for no reason. My 4 soft keys have not been vibrating even before I rooted. In sound settings, I have checked, unchecked, checked vibration for keys to no avail. my EVO will still not vibrate when i receive a text message. How to change evo from vibrating when dialing, My bbm doesn t show picture and it has been like 3 . HTC EVO 4G :: Get The Phone Dialer To STOP Vibrating When Dial A Number On The Keypad I do not want my phone to vibrate when dialing a phone number on the stock dialer. My EVO stopped vibrating. . Saw a post about another phone that pegged Sprint Mail, but it's not installed on my . HTC EVO Shift 4G . Re: EVO not vibrating while on vibrate mode when receiving texts A while back I upgraded to a Stable MOD of CM7 and could not figure out how to make my phone vibrate on all notifications/calls so I uninstalled it. It doesn't vibrate when I get a . . . Haptic feedback doesn't work. The Gmail app setting is checked next to 'Vibrate when new email arrives' - but my phone is NOT vibrating when new email comes in. Incoming SMS not vibrating. . HTC EVO 4G :: Get The Phone Dialer To STOP Vibrating When Dial A Number On The Keypad I do not want my phone to vibrate when dialing a phone number on the stock dialer


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