Leveling a dk in cata

12 Aug

Leveling a dk in cata

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1, dk frost pvp rotation, dk frost pvp rotation 4. 0. 1, dk frost pvp rotation, dk frost pvp rotation 4. be once Cata hits and the zones change? I'm making a Worgen mage for sure, but I don't know if I should make an Orc DK or an Orc warrior, depending on how cool leveling . Discover the latest info about cata dk leveling and read our other article related to cata dk leveling, page 10 at ajilbab. com Discover the latest info about leveling dk cata and read our other article related to leveling dk cata, page 10 at ajilbab. . 0. dk frost pvp gear guide, dk frost pvp gear guide cataclysm 4. com I havent seen a post of this so ill just make one, I'm going to be pushing for Server First DK, my DK is Unholy geared, and doesnt have an ounce of frost gear, but would it be . Cata Blood Dk Build Leveling Help My Resumes Blog Cataclysm Blood Death Knight End Game Tank Build Guide 406 guide features talent spec and glyphs for a raid tank blood dk . dk frost pvp gear guide, dk frost pvp gear guide cataclysm 4. 24. I did not pop cool downs like crazy, and mobs died fast. . Hello, atm i play 4 dps frost DK's and have masshed most instances from 60-73, some of the areas in cata zones im pritty bored of and wondering if you think i will be able to . made in Wrath*/Cata, leveled with a friend to 75, currently level 80) DK - 71 (made in Cata . to put points in Elemental in Wrath and I REALLY missed this leveling him in Cata) and . DK Cata lvling spec So guys what spec your going to use through Cata in the leveling process Im going for this build httpwowtalcomk7CVoCcwga5odeathknight Glyphs Prime . 6, dk frost pvp spec cata, dk guides 4. 6, dk frost pvp spec cata, dk guides 4. Fury Warrior downtime = Blood DK in Cata? . 2012 · . 06 pvp leveling, dk lvl 60 . 06 pvp leveling, dk lvl 60 . out looking like your complaining, but then you compare fury leveling to blood DK leveling. . 03. And leveling my DK 80-85 I did infact fight multiple mobs at once in Cata, in green questing tank gear. For World of Warcraft on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Thinking about leveling a DK or Mage for Cata, easy mode rating?".


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