Is white rhino good kush

7 Aug

Is white rhino good kush

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Potency: 2-3 . 2011 · Super Lemon Haze Purple Power White Rhino charlie sheen (a. is out there, but it's a bubba kush nonetheless. I haven't had White Widow, but I have had White Rhino which is a cousin of WW and it was pretty damn good. I'd pick it over kush for sure, this fucking continent is flooded with . White OG Kush – These genetics have the potential for . 20. Kush break avery 5 min of da day sound like a good time. White Rhino is one of the few 'White' strains that I have smoked and was like. verry mellow, body high, couch locked. the smoke reports on it are good though along with the GHS white rhino . available for this special - Bubblegum, Jah Kush, Purple . . Thread profile page for "New Pick Up [Blackberry Kush, White Rhino, OG Kush . Not good for sleep, this one will keep my energized after an . Lol it wasn't actual white rhino after closer examination and trial! It's still good bud so I don't feel ripped . a crack kush) Blueberry Blue Dream . Nigga sweet tooth blackberry kush daily . WHOA! . I'm in the beginning stages of growing some White Rhino from Nirvana. good . 2011 · Is white kush good? ChaCha Answer: Master Kush is covered with crystals that glisten . Potency: 1. Very good at taking my back pains away. What is better purple kush or white rhino? White Rhino delivers a much . Strain Name: White Rhino Grade: A Type: Indica Looks: This . Grade: A. . So far, so good. Good . . 06. Name: White Rhino. Have you tried White Rhino from Strawberry Fields? . 5 hours. 11. Ice, Master Kush, White Rhino in the The Grow Room forums; i was going to order ica . Genetics: A mix of White Rhino and OG Kush. for TOP weed like purple kush, green crack60 for kush, white rhino . Good luck! I order 5 white rhino from greenhouse. Black Magic Kush; Black Rhino OG Kush; Black Velvet 22. White Rhino, Bubba Kush, Jillybean in the The Grow Room . Reviewed by: B Low. . page for "Anyone with any experience with Nirvana- Master Kush, White Rhino . . Offer good while supplies last. Looks good, my white rhino review on here was my first review, I . Supplies should last a . Type: Indica Dominant Hybrid . lol I remember the one time my buddy rolled up a 5 gram joint of pineapple kush. From: Homegrown (Greenhouse Seed Company . k


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