Scott stricklin kent

18 Mar

Scott stricklin kent

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. Scott Stricklin and Mike Birkbeck are going to be with Kent State for years to come. Stricklin and his . scott stricklin by the numbers • four ncaa regional berths • four conference tournament titles • three regular season conference championships scott stricklin 7 of 7 profiles View Full Profile; Scott Stricklin Title Head Baseball Coach at Kent State University Demographic info The College Baseball Blog recently had a chance to speak with Scott Stricklin. Scott Stricklin Head Baseball Coach Kent State University If you have any further questions you can email Josh Pawlus at jmpawlus@kent. We start our series of interviews with Scott Alan Stricklin Bats Left, Throws Right Height 5' 11", Weight 180 lb. Kent State University - Kent, Ohio: Kent State Baseball Camps are held by Kent State University located in Kent, Ohio. The College Baseball Blog is committed to bringing our readers some insight from coaches from around the coaches. The Kent State Baseball Camps are put on by Head Coach . edu or call 330-672-8545. Beginning in the 2005 season, Kent State alum Scott Stricklin took over the program after previously serving as pitching coach and recruiting coordinator at Vanderbilt University . He is entering his fourth season at the helm of the Golden Flashes program. School Kent State University; Born February 17, 1972 in Athens, OH USA; BR Minors page Scott Stricklin rejoined the Georgia Tech baseball staff in July . Stricklin graduated magna cum laude from Kent in 1995 with a bachelor's degree in marketing. KENT, Ohio --Kent State University head baseball coach Scott Stricklin has been signed to a contract extension through 2014, Director of Athletics Joel Nielsen announced


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