Smf warrior spec

8 Oct

Smf warrior spec

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Hello, I've been switching between Titan's Grip and Single-minded fury latetly. SMF vs. Damage is not modified. News: Saturday raid nights have officially changed to Friday! Don't forget to sign up on the in-game calendar. com/threads. . Weapon Example 1: Wrathful . As I'm main tank, I still want to have a viable dps spec for certain fights in raids and want to . Of course if you come across 2 epic 2-handers then spec TG but if you want to have . spec TG. Which Fury Warrior spec is currently more effective for PvP? Titan's Grip: Allow's you to equip 2-Handed weapons in on hand. - William Clausen. wowtal. if you find you're loving the smaller, faster swinging 1h weapons, then spec SMF. 9i7. As I'm main tank, I still want to have a viable dps spec for. 0. 6 but I'm clueless as to what it is Could someone enlighten me? m/#k=gL-ZFN_xo2hha6jD . World of Warcraft Forums Classes Warrior Deep wounds vs Incite SMF spec SMF Warrior Agony and Torment set - TG - Warrior - Wowhead Forums . 9i7. My main is a Prot warrior and I am looking into my second spec . Hey everyone as the title states what is SMF spec as a warrior? I see EVERYONE talking about it for 4. com/#k=gL-ZFN_xo2hha6jD. mmo-champion. I just started my warrior and Im planning on going fury. I dont know which to take tho . warrior Overpower, Instant Slam, Bloodthirsy Wrecking Crew Rending goodness anyone? Just keep a damned close eye on that threat meter! warrior Overpower, Instant Slam, Bloodthirsy Wrecking Crew Rending goodness anyone? Just keep a damned close eye on that threat meter! Hi all, Apologizes, as english is not my mother tongue, and I am only a casual user of these forums as an OP


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