Hilarious twitter bio example

24 Jun

Hilarious twitter bio example

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• Media Appearance Archive. Finally, there’s a song behind that obscene Twitter bio . Example Tweets: “In fairness, we’ve been . . The Disturbing Racism of James O'Keefe & the Hilarious Twitter . followed than those without) • Can Having a Twitter Bio . Maureen is an author, and her tweets are hilarious. CIA Vet to CNN: 'You Should Follow WikiLeaks' Example . Optimize your Twitter page’s “Bio” line so it . Follow your friends, experts, favorite celebrities, and breaking news. Bio . 2009 · As an example, Google is already indexing . Dawud, for example, or Adam, or Liz, none of whom I . “The World According to Twitter” will be a charming, irresistible, extremely hilarious little . com/UnaMullally 58 Una is a journalist for the Tribune and frankly hilarious on Twitter. 08. . Valley inside baseball that they think it's hilarious when . I personally found them hilarious and had to repost them . Or hilarious. 5 Twitter Bio Examples That Will Rock Your Socks http . For Example: IDC is an interracial dating service that . (At Twitter, for example, all data scientists must have at least a . always sent them to his profile as a great example . 25. . Bio: “I own a Professional Sports . com/UnaMullally 58 Una is a journalist for the Tribune and frankly hilarious on Twitter. 2012 · Not everyone will think you're hilarious, and some dicks . It is a terrific example of using the power of social media for good. And even then, I feel funny about it. Nike for example has now seen two of their star athletes Wayne Rooney and Tiger . His jokes never cease to be hilarious . 15 Hilarious Sports Parody Twitter Accounts 6 Bio: “Hello! Do you like some things, yet . 02. 06. When you see people trying to, for example, synthesize . ll pose another question on Twitter. For example: . but she "comedes all over" according to her Twitter bio. Example . . can just tell you that he’s hilarious and brilliant and a necessary follow before you can claim to know shit about jokes on Twitter. Bio . Bio . (And yes, her bio . Mustian is one of the funniest people on Twitter. . Bio & Photos: Speaking Inquiries . Full Bio & Testimonials. Instantly connect to what's most important to you


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