Ai and ay word lists

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Ai and ay word lists

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Note: You are viewing the Free Version of this this Word List. a-e words - set 1 a-e words - set 2 ai words - set 1 ai words - set 2 ay words - set 1 Spelling: ai/ay. Already have DELUXE? Worksheets for first grade - ai ay A complete set of printable spelling word lists you can use with your 1st grade students. end of a one-syllable word, y has the sound of long . a-e words - set 1 a-e words - set 2 ai words - set 1 ai words - set 2 ay words - set 1 Reading Street 1st Unit 4 Word Lists. Story Long a: ai, ay Possessives Spelling Words High Frequency Mama’s Birthday Present braid brain chain claim drain fail grain hail . Spelling: ai/ay L/S: Listen to word lists, super short stories and try to remember details Spelling: ai/ay continued Parts of a sentence (subject/predicate). U6 Lots of Lists Word Builder 4 Word Family . ai/, /ea/, /oa/, /ee/, /ay/ Dynamic Indicator: Nonsense Word Fluency Word Family Portraits . Spelling: ai/ay continued. Long Vowel Word Lists (PDF) a / magic e: ai: ay: Other Long a . Spelling the long vowel sound a: a-e, ai, ei, ay . 1 Rule Card: Vowel Buddies Rule — AI, AY, EA, EE with examples. A-e Vowel Pattern Word List - Azar Nafisi, Offical Website of the. Printable reading passage for ai, ay Send home a family activity . Parts of a sentence (subject/predicate) For example in the word lists given above where you are teaching the ‘ai’ and ‘ay’ spellings, you can directly point out that the ‘ai’ is typically found at . Examples: TRAIN, SAY, STEAM, FIFTEEN Home] [ Back ] [ Alphabet Recognition Games ] [ Consonants ] [ Dolch Word Lists ] [ Phonics ] [ Poetry Projects. L/S: Listen to word lists, super short stories and try to remember details. To see the full version, please Upgrade to DELUXE. word lists. Consonant and Vowel Digraph Word Lists ©HaveFunTeaching. word lists. 1 Word List Card: lists all 20 words used to play the card games. com Vowel Digraphs List ai ay ee ei ie oa oe ow Spelling the long vowel sound /a/ a-e, ai, ei, ay . Also includes worksheets and activities to go along


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