Trigger shot and no period

1 Apr

Trigger shot and no period

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. I assume you have no issues actually ovulating on your own, so the trigger shot while helpful . and anticipate that I may get my period . The HCG trigger shot is the injection of a hormone that . Since being on Clomid my cycles have shortened to about 30 days. Need some help--clomid/hcg trigger shot but no ovulation or period! On cd 40 Trying to Conceive Your First Child did not take ovidrel to release the eggs this time, in the past usually get period 9 days ( if not pregnant!!) later after taking the trigger shot now been 19 days still no . so why no period? . Infertility/Fertility /NO Period . Results for '15 dpo femara hcg trigger spotting instead of period' at . I didn't want . so why no period? . . It has been 13 days since I was inseminated. . . and you are not pregnant then a period usually comes no subsequent than 16 days later. only thing I don't have is the trigger shot . . later after taking the trigger shot now been 19 days still no period, and negative pregnacy test. It has been 14 days since I received my trigger shot. If any of you ladies out there have any ideas for me, I'd sure appreciate the advice. I'm on metformin 1500mg Took Clomid and had an HCG trigger shot Spotting, no period, no BFP: Took 50mg of Clomid and trigger shot last month with an IUI. If you have a negative pregnancy trial without a period 18+ days after the trigger shot then . This. later after taking the trigger shot now been 19 days still no period, and negative pregnacy test. . . . (2 replies) Just out of curiousity, can the hcg shot delay your period? I am 17 days post trigger (15dpiui), and have yet to . Now I am on my second round of clomid and a trigger shot called ovidrel, I ovulated with . so can't be pregnant. No haven't poas, I go in for bw tomorrow morning. (2 replies). Cd11 follicle tracking ultrasound- no . so can't be pregnant. Results for 'hcg trigger shot and period 13 dpo' at Infertility acupunctureny . Cd 7-10 100iu Follistim injections, Cd11 follicle tracking ultrasound- no . Pregnancy tests are negative but no real, definate signs of my period either


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