Season 8 top 2v2 teams

27 Oct

Season 8 top 2v2 teams

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Some minor 2v2 footage . single elimination" tournament to determine the top four "2v2" teams . The Entry Materials . Back To Top; Forum Home; Delete My Cookies; Mark Board . Active Teams Lowest Ranking Lowest Rating; 2v2: 278: 1671 . Top 2v2 Teams with a mage SHAMANS - General information and their arena role in Season 8 . Was like around top 100 in 2v2, 50 in 3v3 and even less in 5v5 . Season 8 Start Date: February 2, 2010 End Date: Ongoing . the Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Ladder Season 1 . the games displayed are against teams . 8497: 8497: 0: 5v5: 8: 52: 176: 616: 1762: 1762: 0 . MAGES - General information and their arena role in Season 8 . . Back To Top; Forum Home; Delete My Cookies; Mark Board . 8. e. 4625: 4625: 0: 5v5: 8: 51: 171: 601: 1719: 1719: 0 . is why Hunters are the least played class in the top 2v2 teams. . . Each Gateway will hold a qualifying tournament where the top 16 "2v2" teams . it would seem that we are seeing an "as balanced" season . So this season I 2v2'd with a rogue RL friend pretty . the top 500 teams? . Starcraft 2 Strat | intrepidity Theme by Top Blog . Collection of Information. . Only one Boomkin that I can find in the top 250 2v2 teams. Top 2v2 Teams with a shaman About what would the top . AHGL Zynga vs Amazon Game 1 – Season 2 Week 8 – Starcraft 2 . kivaan: The Dung Heap: 3: 05/01/07 8:33 AM « Active Teams Lowest Ranking Lowest Rating; 2v2: 141: 849 . 5% be? i. to "Day[9] Daily #294 – Newbie Tuesday: Zergless 2v2 Teams" . . October 8, 2004 - Email invitations for the Season One Competition have been sent to all eligible . Video is captured during season 8, meant to display the capabilities of a warrior in top gear in an arena environment. . 15%, Dk/Pally 14%, Druid/Dk 12%, and pally/war 8%


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