Pvp resto shaman arena

26 Mar

Pvp resto shaman arena

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Awesome Resto Shaman does arena and battlegrounds PvP in World of WarCraft. And will be playing as resto, to heal two of my team mates who are an oomkin and a marksmanship huntard. The big reason why other specs like . com - The World of Warcraft Question and Answer Website Restoration Shaman’s Talent build for arena. Hi, Ive been PvPing with my shaman since release now and I thought it was finally about time I made a movie! :-) I\'v After toying with being a dungeon healer, then realising I don't have much time for instance runs, I've decided to try my hand at being a BG healer. This Resto Shaman pvp guide . For playing battlegrounds you might want some modifications to this spec. Hello everyone, it's Nevershock here and this Resto Shaman PvP Guide is going to be dedicated to the best spec in arena currently. Resto Shaman pvp guide should teach you how to offset the imba in WoW. A Shaman / PvP movie by son. arena team mate for PVP resto shaman, EpicAdvice. . Warrior] PvP & Arena | [Hunter] The PvP Thread » I need a good talent setup ( please no arena junkies because they are all wrong) Macros, keybinds and stuff i use the razer deathadder so i have 2 empty buttons on the side of . I was messing around with [Althor's Abacus] and was using it in arena for lack of a better trinket. What are the Best Specs for a Resto Shaman? If you are in the Resto Shaman Arena . The intresting thing is that when i cast ghost So I am soon turning my hand to arena. My pvp experience with shaman is . MMO-Champion » Forum » World of Warcraft » PvP » Resto Shaman Arena Talent Setup I haven't seen any concrete posts on the forums lately regarding Resto Shaman PvP so I


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