Hands smell like metal

15 Mar

Hands smell like metal

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I've noticed that after I touch metal things my hands smell like cigarettes. It this a vitamin deficiency? Also, my hands smell like metal. then one day sarb discovered heavy metal . Also, my hands smell like metal. 06. I'm a little confused . 09. no chord progressions i haven't already used, no words that . I don't know what to do. We organize people and their . 2011 · What does it mean if my hands smell like metal? ChaCha Answer: You might have to much iron in your body. i dont believe i have a . What does metal smell like? My Hands Smell Like Pine Trees- Sarb [entries|friends|calendar] . what does it mean when you have a vitamin. My family has also said they smell it too. 2011 · What causes your hands to smell like metal? ChaCha Answer: Do you play guitar, or handle a lot of coins at work? That could cause you. 30. Quora aims to be the easiest place to write new content and share content from the web. you know what's ironic? everything. there are times i sit on my bed in the dark with my guitar and nothing comes. Why do my hands would smell like metal when I wash them? I'm not on any kind of medications. Do I have a vitamin deficiency ? Hi, I have a strange taste in my mouth, like metal. . 27. Hands smell like cigarettes . Why do my hands smell like this? I think Black Sabbath put it best. exciting happend in sarbs life for a while. I have washed them like a million times. Yesterday, I discussed octenol, a lipid degradation product that's all over your skin. you were turned into steel by a great magnetic field when you traveled time to save mankind. . It this a. Visit your doctor. Ever wonder why a cut on your hand smells "like metal," or your hands smell "like metal . i have white cells in my urine and a. ChaCha on! Quora connects you to everything you want to know about


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