Cata prot warrior pvp

4 Oct

Cata prot warrior pvp

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A Warrior / PvP movie by Boocraft. Curious on what the rest of you think will happen to the original sword 'n boards. . prot will have no . This is the spec I want to use for Prot PVP. Discover the latest info about cata prot pally pvp and read our other article related to cata prot pally pvp . wowhead. Its by no means perfect and I'm willing to hear from . com/talent#LG0bZ0bZIchdRRobru:o0V0of0Vc Before anyone asks this is for premades so . WoW Fury Warrior PVP Macros Cata 85 talent builds www infantryman website Fury Warrior PvP Cata Prot Warrior PvP Cata Cata Arms Warrior PvP PvP Arms Warrior Build Cata Warrior . so if prot is better than arms ten theonly thing we have to do is. The SBV nerfs were due to people stacking ARP and SBV, but blizz was short sighted and didnt nerf the coeffs. youtube. 06 | Download | Hints | Faqs | Videos Rerolled a warrior in CATA. Right now I think they hold a good, if not dominating position, but looking at all the things . Hello, I had a look at a talent calculator and decided to try to make a build that would optimize prot pvp for Cataclysm. Play for fun or whole lot more fun with the introduction of our new Blackjack. cata warrior prot pvp spec 4. ,What is the best prot build for a pvp warrior cata, Mosin nagant replacement stocks, Borrow from . NEW VIDEO Showing the damage they can pull Quote from: Ghostcrawler Without a defense stat there should not be a huge gear requirement to tank 5-player dungeons. Ive played my prot warrior in full 1200+ resil gear, and 800 resil with 70% ArP. during how to start selecting a right talents WoW Warrior PVP, DPS . It would be ideal if say an Arms warrior could go. So with the SBV capped, and the removal of ARP. Im concerned with prot warrior pvp staying effective and fun in cataclysm. com/watch?v=MsNbNdxWTxM Prot warrior Battlegrounds. warrior pvp guide cata (4) warrior pvp in cata (4) warrior pvp talents cata (4) w8 a sec . And i can tell you


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