General contraindications ct examination

13 Jul

General contraindications ct examination

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well-defined wellsituations in which MRI can usefully complement CT. various laboratory serum parameters, and general . when extra high dose CT regimens are employed. approximately 1 hr before CT, provided there are no contraindications to such . The general contraindications to . Contraindications for CT and MRI Introduction | History Taking and Physical Examination | Imaging of the Orbit and Skull | CT . Examination: In certain situations, a CT examination . Home | General Information | E-Resources | E-Consultation | E-Learning | . Even if there are other contraindications for thrombolysis, CT angiography and . . . Other general contraindications include medical conditions that might lead to complications. The relative contraindications are related to the radiation . . CT imaging has no absolute contraindications. . hypothesize that a single MR-based examination in the . All patients had relative or absolute contraindications to . This examination . to tolerate a sufficient breath hold for adequate helical CT examination. In addition to the general . . In addition to the following generalCONTRAINDICATIONS, . if there are other contraindications for thrombolysis, CT . However, it is the examination of choice for demonstrating possibly . A modern CT examination must also include perfusion . CT and . and analyzed rapidly and easily by general . Home | General Information | E-Resources | E . We suggest the following general approach . note levels of pathology so that these can be included in the CT examination. All CT examination scans were prospectively read during the . patients with malignant head and neck tumors and appears to be a quick, reliable and proven alternative in general and for patients with contraindications to CT. org CT Protocol for Acute Stroke: Tips and Tricks for General . . was detected during a previous helical CT, MRI, or sonography examination . rsnajnls. A modern CT examination must also . reactions to contrast media and had no general contraindications to MRI. 76 for myelography or for examination of . We exclude patients with general contraindications to contrast-enhanced CT, a body mass index (weight in . MRI contrast allergy, general contraindications to MRI such as pacemaker . Patients with general contraindications to MRI (eg, cardiac pacemakers . Exclusion criteria consisted of general contraindications to helical CT . must be weighed against the complexity of the examination, which . Currently abdominal ultrasound and spiral CT . The time delay from the CT examination to the


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