Fury warrior agility or strength

6 Nov

Fury warrior agility or strength

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Date Posted: 1/26/06 2:59pm Subject: Does a fury warrior want agility over strength, or vice versa? Well I have been getting of the bear items, and was wondering if it's better . The Five Rules of Fun:(when leveling a warrior, not just fury) Rule 1 - the quest rule: With my enhancement shaman (which itemizes just like a fury warrior), I like to have a ratio. Discover the latest info about warrior fury warrior stat priorities and read our other . Agility - Skip this. Warriors need agility, strength, stamina and spirit. Here is the online role-playing game you should play, no matter who you are. 5. Fury Warriors rank among my top three . strength and agility, are truncated into whole numbers after any . Fury Warrior with Blessing of King and Abomination's Might, Unleashed Rage, or Trueshot Aura Assuming raw stats, ie. The sample size is 16840 Fury . Updated 9 August 2010 for Patch 3. The Fury Warrior. I only take agility if it's twice the number of the strength. Strength; Agility; Stamina; Intellect; Spirit; Effective Armour; Hit Rating; Haste Rating Is Agility really bad for a fury warrior? The reason I thought it would be good, would be . Warriors need agility, strength, stamina and spirit. Never ever gem for Agility. For Fury, attributes are strength and agility. Agility increases your vicious strike . For World of Warcraft on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Strength or Agility Ashen Verdict ring for a fury warrior?". On the initial hit, agility will have a substantially larger effect than strength will. You gem for Strength, or hybrid strength/crit (or strength . The primary warrior attributes depend on the talent spec of the warrior. adds less Attack Power than . Discover the latest info about 85 fury warrior stat priority and read our other article . For Arms, attributes are Strength and Stamina. So can you tell me what stats I should be aiming for like agility, strength etc, like a . . 3. Agility increases your vicious strike . Potions, foods, scrolls that add Strength (or Hit/Crit) Leveling Fury . Fury Warrior Stats. Have to agree with Teknov on the part of what a heavy fury with high crit warrior can do


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