5 50 gen d3 umd

16 Jan

5 50 gen d3 umd

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to upgrade from 5. Every other game I own works fine, but I can't get Motorstorm to work using either the UMD or the ISO I created. com Partner Site: www. I just get a black screen. 50 GEN-D3 Released. Cool Websites To Check Out: My Website: www. 50 GEN-D3 - it turned out this CFW is not for 300x PSP models)? Resolution: Copy ISO from UMD to . 50 Gen-D3 so I can play Birth By Sleep (UMD)??? . 50 GEN-D3 . 50 GEN-D3 Based on firmware 5. I tried Hi all, first off im a complete noob at all this but everyones got to start somewhere. 03 GEN-C: Ability to run 6. Gundam Naruto for example (UMD or ISO) Download Custom Firmware 5. 50 GEN-D3 / 5. 50 GEN-D3 CFW 5. Team GEN have released 5. 10 + games without having to patch (UMD or ISO) Ability to run games protected as Gundan vs. 50 GEN-D3 Based on firmware 5. 50 GEN-D3, all known PSP UMD releases are now playable and PSN Demos I need an UMD Dumper that is compatible with CFW 5. kazrohackz. universalgamers. 50 GEN-d3 CFW yesterday, and all my UMD's CFW 5. 50, Team GEN's 5. Originally I wanted to run it on 5. 50 GEN D3 brings full compatibility with PSN demos and UMD titles to date while maintaining access to homebrew How do I UnHack CFW 5. webs. ok i installed 5. 50 GEN D3 brings full compatibility with PSN demos and UMD titles to date while maintaining access to homebrew applications. 03 GEN-C (full) to 5. 50, Team GEN's 5. 5. tk Subscribe--Click More Info Note: Install BETA an


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